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NautiBuoy - luxury inflatable platforms

Now available 'exclusively' from BoatShop Menorca.

Floating comfort - relax at water level


Unparalleled luxury at water level. A unique place to share and enjoy the finer things in life whilst relaxing in comfort on one of our platforms. Offering freedom from the confines of the boat, a new space that’s perfect for sunbathing, finding that moment of peace, or enjoying a blissful sunset.

These revolutionary products give you extra space in under 5 minutes, no matter the size of your boat. These fully modular systems can grow with your needs. Start with one platform and then add accessories like the swimming pool-like bathing ladder, sun loungers, parasol, SeaBob dock etc. Then maybe add some more platforms to truly enhance your water fun. You can dock your rib safely alongside the platform along with you SUP paddle board and all you other water toys, no more damage to the boat, as well as providing a safer, easier transfer for yourself and your guests.

Your own Private Island


Add a new perspective to your yachting experience by taking the comforts of the yacht even closer to the shore. With the NautiBuoy Marine Platform streamed off the back of the yacht or anchored off the beach, you can choose exactly where you want to be and create perfect serenity. YOGA - Discover an alternative place of freedom to enhance your fitness and meditation practice. With no disruptions, you can focus solely on your physical well-being and mental state of clarity. Enjoy the freshness of the breeze, the warmth of the sun and the calming movement of the ocean.

Create a new space that’s just for you.

Safe watersport fun


A great place to have fun in the water with friends and family. You and your guests can enjoy a multitude of sports and activities, easily swapping from one to another. Not only does it provide you with a fantastic swim platform, but also an ideal area for sunbathing and relaxing. Covered with a non-skid soft surface and made incredibly stable by a unique ballast system, the NautiBuoy platform offers a safe spot for activities on the water.


Endless possibilities

Secure & simple connections

One of the key features of our platforms is the Air Toggle System, which as well as allowing them to be linked in multiple configurations, also provides a 2nd air chamber for safety.


End-to-end linking

Allows for longer maintenance platforms, walkways and pontoons.



Jet-ski dock (T-shape)

Makes an ideal jet-ski dock.


Side by side linking

A wider space for your own private dock or dinner party.


L-shape linking

Makes a great drop off point for guests in a tender.



Specification tables


Platform Modelmodel-375model-525model-675model-800
Max no of users3455
Inflated dimensions
(all 20cm deep)
2.5m x 1.5m3.5m x 1.5m4.5m x 1.5m4m x 2m
Approximate inflation
deflation time to
1m 30secs1m 40 secs2m 40 secs3m 30 secs
Stowage dimensions
155cm x 30cm x 30cm165cm x 33cm x 33cm165cm x 38cm x 38cm220cm x 32cm x 32cm
Weight out of bag
Weight in bag
Max load


Platform Modelmodel-375model-525model-675model-800
Max no of users3455
Inflated dimensions
(all 7.5” deep)
8’2” x 4’11”11’5.5” x 4’11”14’9” x 4’1113’1” x 6’6”
Approximate inflation
deflation time to
1m 30secs1m 40 secs2m 40 secs3m 30 secs
Stowage dimensions
5’1” x 1’ x 1’5’5” x 1’1” x 1’1”5’5” x 1’3” x 1’3”7’3” x 1’1” x 1’1”
Weight out of bag
Weight in of bag
Max load

Included Accessory Pack

Supplied with every Sport & Voyager Series



  1. Stowable zipless protective bag (x 1)
  2. Air Toggle (x 1)
  3. Bravo SUP stirrup pump (x 1)
  4. Repair kit with instructions (x 1)
  5. Bravo OV10 Pump 3.6psi/250mb (230v or 120v) (x 1)
  6. Instruction manual (x 1)
  7. Connection straps (x 2)

Platform sizes

Which size suits you ?

All our platforms are made from 200mm (7.5”) deep dropstitch, pack down to a conveniently stowable size and with 4 different sizes, there is a platform to fit every yacht.


2.5m x 1.5m

(8'2" x 4'11")


3.5m x 1.5m

(11'5.5" x 4'11")


4.5m x 1.5m

(14'9" x 4'11")


4m x 2m

(13’1” x 6’6”)

Our smallest platform.

Great space for 3 people sunbathing or 2 deckhands

A perfect addition to a larger platform to create a jet-ski dock

Super quick to inflate and deflate

Extra space for 4 people to sunbathe

Space for 4 deckhands to work

A perfect addition to create a larger landing dock for dinghies or tenders

Super quick to inflate and deflate

The longest platform in our range, sits perfectly along transoms of many sizes

Can accommodate 5 sunbathers or 5 people working alongside each other

Ideal for jet-ski/tender docks when joined to a 375 or 525

Joined end to end makes a 9m runway

Quick to inflate and deflate

The largest, widest platform for space

Can accommodate 5 guests or 5 workers

A luxurious floating island off the back of a yacht or anchored off a beach

Perfect as a water sports base

Quick to inflate and deflate

Still only weighs 40kg (88lbs)


Stowage sizes

model-375 stowage-375


155cm x 30cm x 30cm

(5’1” x 1’ x 1’)

Weight out of bag - 20kg (44lbs)

Weight in bag - 23kg (50lbs)

model-525 stowage-525


165cm x 33cm x 33cm

(5’5” x 1’1” x 1’1”)

Weight out of bag - 26kg (57lbs)

Weight in bag - 29kg (63lbs)

model-675 stowage-675


165cm x 38cm x 38cm

(5’5” x 1’3” x 1’3”)

Weight out of bag - 31kg (68lbs)

Weight in bag - 34kg (75lbs)

model-800 stowage-800


220cm x 32cm x 32cm

(7’3” x 1’11” x 1’11”)

Weight out of bag - 42kg (92lbs)

Weight in bag - 46kg (101lbs)



The latest edition to the NautiBuoy range

C-Dock - drive straight in

Avoid lifting

Drive straight in

The C-Dock avoids the need for repetitive lifting of Seabobs from in and out of the water.

A brilliantly simple design providing a drive-in / drive-out solution.

Compatible with both the F5 and F5S Seabobs.


Safe, Secure & Protected

A “garage” at water level

Your Seabob is an investment that deserves to be looked after.

The C-Dock offers you peace of mind, providing your Seabob with a convenient method of protection, from yachts, jet-skis and other watersports equipment.

With buckle and webbing security straps. It’s not going anywhere

C-Dock - Seabob from above
C-dock - Training Station

Training Station

See the controls

Beginners can practice their skills and get an understanding of the Seabob controls with more confidence.

Contained within the C-Dock and in a more controlled environment, the Seabob controls are even easier to get to grips with.

Instructors can be conveniently on hand to provide step-by-step tuition.


The latest edition to
the NautiBuoy range

Available in two different options, the C-Dock offers versatility due to its solo, modular and off-the-shelf nature.


C-Dock Sport

The Sports C-Dock offers a unique “RIB collar” style solution, that is even more lightweight, stowable and quick to inflate.


C-Dock Voyager

With a luxurious teak foam finish and drop stitch core this version has been designed with the same key features as the Sports version. Compatible with all sizes in the NautiBuoy platform range the Voyager C-Dock offers a smooth continuation of the NautiBuoy platform lines.


Solo or Multiple

The flexibility to choose

With options to anchor, tether, be connected to other C-Docks or to NautiBuoy platforms, the choice and flexibility is yours.

C-Dock Sport




Star formation


Connected together



Connected to platform


Herringbone formation

C-Dock Voyager




Connected together


Watersports dock


Avoid lifting

Drive straight in

A drive-in/drive-out solution compatible with both the F5 and F5S Seabob.



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